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PIC Books

  • The PIC Microcontroller: Your Personal Introductory Course
    John Morton offers a uniquely concise and practical guide to getting up and running with the PIC Microcontroller. The PIC is one of the most popular of the microcontrollers that are transforming electronic project work and product design, and this book is the ideal introduction for students, teachers, technicians and electronics enthusiasts. Assuming no prior knowledge of microcontrollers and introducing the PIC Microcontroller's capabilities through simple projects, this book is ideal for electronics hobbyists, students, school pupils and technicians. The step-by-step explanations and the useful projects make it ideal for student and pupil self-study: this is not just a reference book - you start work with the PIC microcontroller straight away.
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  • 123 PIC Microcontroller Experiments for the Evil Genius
    More than just hours of fun, these exciting experiments provide a solid grounding in PIC microcontrollers and the skills needed to program them -- from the ground up. Each experiment builds on those before it, so you develop a hands-on, practical understanding of microcontroller programming. You don't need any knowledge of programming to get started. But by the end, you'll be able to complete your own awesome projects! 123 PIC Microcontroller Experiments for the Evil Genius uses the best parts, and does not become dependent on one tool type or version, to accommodate the widest audience possible.
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  • PIC Microcontroller Project Book
    The PIC microcontroller is enormously popular both in the U.S. and abroad. The first edition of this book was a tremendous success because of that. However, in the 4 years that have passed since the book was first published, the electronics hobbyist market has become more sophisticated. Many users of the PIC are now comfortable shelling out the $250 for the price of the Professional version of PIC Basic (the regular version sells for $100). This new edition is fully updated and revised to include detailed directions on using both versions of the compiler, with no-nonsense recommendations on which is better served in different situations.
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  • Programming and Customizing PIC Microcontrollers
    Complete, practical insight into the chip that is quickly becoming the microcontroller of choice throughout the world. This tutorial/disk package is unique in providing you with a complete understanding of the PIC chip and all the information needed to design tailor-made applications using the PIC family of devices. The heart of the book is 12 complete projects which illustrate the PIC's capabilities, and over 30 experiments to reinforce your grasp of how the PIC works. A diskette augments the book by offering all the Microchip software tools needed to program the PIC, sample application programs, and reusable code.
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  • Programming PIC Microcontrollers with PICBASIC
    Offers a complete introduction to programming the world's most commonly used microcontroller, the Microchip PIC, with the powerful PICBASIC language. This book discusses of the two most commonly used PICBASIC compilers, as well as the most common popular versions of the PIC microcontroller. The book contains several real-world examples of programming PICs with PICBASIC, and gives numerous design examples and projects to illustrate important concepts.
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  • PICmicro MCU C: An introduction to Programming the Microchip PIC in CCS C
    This 2nd edition book is a complete introduction to programming Microchip PICmicros in C with the use of the CCS C compiler. The book overviews the ease of using C and the CCS compiler for optimization of your programming. There are many examples to get you started on while using the compiler.
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  • PIC in Practice
    This book can be used at a variety of levels. While the carefully graded practicals make it ideal for colleges and schools, many university students and professionals are also newcomers to PIC, so this book will provide a painless introduction for more advanced readers. In addition, electronics hobbyists will find this book to be an exciting introduction to the world of microcontrollers. This book is a practical guide for all newcomers to the PIC microcontroller.
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Best-Selling PIC Books

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