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About The EE Compendium

The EE Compendium is a collection of Electronics Engineering information on the World Wide Web. It grew out of an earlier site called "Randy's Electronic Engineering Page". Like its previous incarnation, the EE Compendium is based on the information and links that I find interesting or useful.

As such, this site in not meant to be comprehensive -- it's a highly individualistic look at the world of electronics. If I think a site is worthy, I'll include it; if not, you won't find it here. I hope you find this site useful, too, and if you do, bookmark it and share it with your friends and associates. And if you think there's something I'm missing here, let me know and I'll certainly consider it. Enjoy!

In addition to the compendium of links to other EE sites, there is also a good deal of content that I've created myself: reviews, opinion, projects, and code snippets.

Who Am I?

If you're wondering who I am and what business I have putting this site together ... well, I'm an electronics engineer with a dozen or so years of experience designing the hardware and writing the software for a wide variety of embedded systems. I enjoy sharing what I know, and learning more from others.

I also do a lot of web development. Many of my sites are related to gaming of one sort or another. These sites were created for the love of the games, and it is gratifying that people find them useful and fun.

You can browse my complete portfolio of web sites at my home page,

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