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Electronic Engineering News, September 2013

Electronic Engineering News, September 2013

Here are some highlights from the world of Electronic Engineering and Embedded Systems Programming, for September 2013:

McHACK: A versatile microcontroller platform with USB bootloader

McHACK"McHACK is a versatile microcontroller platform which has a on-board USB bootloader for easy USB based programming. The main advantage of this platform is that it can be built at home and with a total cost of $5. By using this , you can built projects no matter how small or big they are without needing to spend extra $20 for the microcontroller board itself." [link]

Kinetis KL02: World's smallest ARM powered microcontroller

Kinetis KL02"As the Internet of Things (IoT) expands to include greater numbers of small, intelligent, battery-operated devices, the MCUs that enable these devices must deliver performance, energy efficiency and connectivity in progressively smaller footprints. Freescale Semiconductor is addressing the miniaturization trend with its new Kinetis KL02 MCU, the world's smallest ARM Powered MCU. The KL02 holds great potential for ultra-small-form-factor products in applications such as portable consumer devices, remote sensing nodes, wearable devices and ingestible healthcare sensing. Measuring just 1.9 x 2.0 mm, the Kinetis KL02 MCU is 25 percent smaller than the industry's next-smallest ARM MCU." [link]

Intro to Arduino

Intro to Arduino"The possibilities of the Arduino are almost limitless. As such, there is no way that one single tutorial can cover everything you might ever need to know. That said, I've done my best to give a basic overview of the fundamental skills and knowledge that you need to get your Arduino up and running. If nothing more, this should function as a springboard into further experimentation and learning." [link]

10 Tiny Development Boards That Are Up to the Task

10 Tiny Development Boards"Not so long ago, the typical development board was big, bulky, and often handmade. Recently a flood of Lilliputian-size development boards has been released -- one for just about any need. We've assembled a collection of 10 boards so small you might lose them in the cushions of your couch." [link]

Microchip Announces PIC32MX 32-bit Microcontroller Portfolio

PIC32MX"The PIC32MX family offers the performance, integrated peripherals and memory for low cost graphic human-interface, connectivity and digital-audio applications. The MCUs are an expansion to the popular PIC32MX3/4 series of high-performance 32-bit microcontrollers. They offer higher RAM memory options and higher integration of peripherals at a lower cost. The PIC32MX3/4 feature 28 x 10-bit ADCs and 5 UARTS, 105 DMIPS performance, serial peripherals, graphic-display, capacitive-touch, connectivity and digital audio support." [link]

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Notable Quote

"The engineering is secondary to the vision."
 ~ Cynthia Ozick

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