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PIC C Cross-Compilers

  • ByteCraft

    This is the industry-standard PIC C compiler, and the one I've been using off and on for several years. It's not perfect, but it certainly does the job, and receives my recommendation. A demo is available for download. Click here for a full review.

  • Microchip

    The MPLAB-C17 compiler is a full-featured ANSI compliant C compiler for the PIC17CXXX microcontrollers. MPLAB-C17 is fully compatible with Microchip's MPLAB Integrated Development Environment (IDE), allowing source level debugging with both the MPLAB-ICE in-circuit emulator and the MPLAB-SIM simulator. MPLAB provides a convenient, project oriented development environment that reduces development time.

  • CCS

    Custom Computer Services offers an economical C compiler for the PIC processors. I haven't tried this myself, but I've heard very good things about it. The included software libraries (I2C, timers, EEPROM interface, PSP, and bit-banged serial ports) are apparently very strong. Cost is $99-$350.

  • Hi-Tech

    Hi-Tech's PIC C is an ANSI C compiler, supporting all standard data types including floating point. It features multiple optimisation levels, comprehensive library with source, mixed C and assembler, linker, and IDE. Cost is $850. There is also a FREE version for the PIC16C84, 16F84 and 16F84A devices, called PICL (PICLite). A demo is also available for download.

  • CC5X

    One of the first C compilers available for PICs, generates code for the 12-bit and 14-bit microcontrollers. Price is $250-$520. A demo and example code is available for download. A free version is also available.

  • Pico-C

    A freeware compiler for the PIC16C84, which produces code which can then be run thru the MPALC assembler. Quality unknown.

  • BoostC

    A C-compiler for Microchip (PIC) and Scenix (SX) microcontrollers. It works under Windows 95/98/NT, DOS and Linux. You can use the FREE version and if you like it you can get an extended version with extra optimization, an option to include c-sources into the generated assembler file and 16-bit code generation. Cost is $45.00. C2C++, the first and only C++ compiler for PICmicro and Scenix processors, is also available for $90.00.

  • FED C

    Provides the convenience of a high level language with the speed of assembler, without having to worry about ROM and RAM paging or stack depth. Currently handles 14-bit PICs and is planned to support more. Cost is $80 to $100.

Unless stated otherwise, I have no firsthand knowledge of these products -- I'm just providing links. Where I do have some experience with a product, I'll venture an opinion. You're advised to take what I say with a healthy dose of skepticism -- my opinion is quite possibly out of date (based on old versions) or just plain wrong. On the other hand, I've been known to be right on occasion ... your mileage may vary. Also, I'm providing pricing because some vendors insist on hiding that critical piece of information (ashamed?); pricing was accurate when this was written, but will inevitably become obsolete as time passes. Please check with the vendor for current pricing.

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