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Tag Archive: embedded-systems

  • Open Source Software for Embedded Systems

    How viable is open source software for embedded systems? There are actually a lot of things to consider, lots of things to think about and weigh before making this decision...

    read more Posted on 06-21-2010, Filed Under: embedded-systems, open-source

  • The History of Embedded Systems

    Recently we contemplated What is an Embedded System?, and here's a video that attempts to answer that question, at least on a macro level. Even if you think you know the answer, it's fun to revisit some of the early history of microcontrollers, and marvel at how far they've come.

    read more Posted on 04-29-2010, Filed Under: embedded-systems, video

  • What is an Embedded System?

    What picture forms in your mind when you hear the phrase "embedded system"? Personally, I've always thought of an embedded system as "the computer you don't see". It's there, hidden in all sorts of everyday objects, but you can't really see it for what it it. It sits quietly, just doing it's job.

    read more Posted on 04-23-2010, Filed Under: embedded-systems