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Electronic Projects

  • Schematics

    Electronic project schematics, schematic archives, and schematic search engines. Schematics for every conceiveable type of electronic circuit.

  • Controlling the PC Parallel Port

    Information about using the PC's parallel port for controlling external circuitry. With C source code to driver software.

  • LCD Project

    Learn to use a character-mode LCD module by connecting it to your PC's parallel port and writing software to control it. With C source code.

  • MAX7219 LED Driver

    C source code to communicate with a Maxim MAX7219 LED display driver IC.

  • Xicor SPI Serial Memory Interface Routines

    C source code to communicate with Xicor X25xxxx series of serial memory chips.

  • MP3 Projects

    Build your own homegrown MP3 player by following these project plans.

  • C Code Cache

    This is not a project per se, but a collection of useful C source code snippets.

  • Project Books

    Books about electronic projects, including microcontroller projects, robotics projects, PC interfacing projects, student projects, and much more.

  • Project Kits

    A large selection of ready-to-build electronic project kits, including simple electronic projects as well as more challenging and more advanced electronic projects.

  • Robots and Robotic Kits

    A large selection of Robots and Robotic Kits, including LEGO Mindstorms, BEAM robots, SumoBot, and many more.

Electronic Projects - Other Sites


    DIY Electronic circuit schematics and projects with full instructions, PCB files, photos and user reviews.

  • Design Notes

    Design notes and circuits for electrical engineers and electronics enthusiasts. With tutorials, study guides, forum, development tools, and technical books.

  • EDN Design Ideas

    Search for design ideas from EDN magazine. All of these were printed in the magazine, and are generally simple circuits. Everything from power supplies to microcontrollers to audio. You can even submit your own ideas for a chance to be published and win prizes.

  • Hacked Gadgets

    Many articles about hacking gadgets. Examples of extreme technology. DIY projects describing how to build electronic projects. Fun top 5 and top 10 lists.

  • Nozomsite Electronics Lab

    Nozomsite electronics lab, electronics Basics tutorial, transistor, free microcontroller projects, PIC micro, stepper motor, parallel port interface, etc.

  • Paul's Technical Projects

    Free technical projects that you may find useful or interesting, with schematics and source code and other info. MP3, MIDI, 8051, CCDs, audio, filters, and more.

  • Reynolds Electronics

    An outstanding collection of projects and tutorials using 8051 and PIC microcontrollers. Projects include a data logger, an infrared controller, a programmable thermostat, a marquee sign, serial keypads, A/D converters, and much more.

  • Smallbot Project

    SmallBot is a robot with complete plans and building info online. The bot is based on the Basic Stamp controller. The site features info on the platform, motors, batteries, wheels, computer, sensors, programming, and more.

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