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Consultants, Contract Designers, and Engineering Firms

The following companies and individuals offer expertise in electronic design and product development. Services include specifications, hardware design, software development, mechanical design, testing, documentation, and much more.

  • Applied Logic Engineering

    Applied Logic offers a wide range of software development services in the embedded system area.

  • LAD Engineering

    LAD Engineering specializes in embedded controllers, and PC based tools for rapid development of your product or test system. We provide a complete custom electronic control solution. We are a registered Microchip Consultant, and specialize in designing with Microchip products, as well as analog data acquistion, digital I/O, and custom software / firmware solutions and consulting services for existing or already developed hardware.

  • Pegasus Technologies

    Pegasus specializes in providing innovative engineering solutions for today's RF, wireless and Spread Spectrum needs, using state of the art technology and award-winning design and development expertise, concepts and techniques.

  • Ragine Technology

    Ragine Technology's team of consultants, engineers and software developers have a broad range of talent to help you in your Internet technology development immediately at a competitive cost.

  • RF Tronix, LLC

    RF Tronix offers wireless design and consulting. They are innovators in industrial and consumer wireless products, with experience in RF/Microwave, RFID, antenna designs, data links, and telemetry. Prototyping and small runs welcome.

  • Sanders RF Consulting

    Need help with your wireless/cable/mobile design? Sanders RF Consulting is an electrial engineering firm offering affordable radio frequency design and RF consultant services.

  • Zebryk Engineering

    Multidiscipline engineering firm expert in the development of both hardware and software for industrial and scientific applications. Specializing in PIC microcontrollers, Visual Basic and RF technology.

  • Wireless 2000

    Wireless 2000 RF & UWB Technologies specializes in design and engineering of RF and RFID systems, antennas and Ultra WideBand based devices and systems.

Online Job Sites

  • Rent A Coder

    Earn cash with your engineering skills on thousands of open bid requests. You can also receive daily bid requests from over 100,000 registered buyers of engineering and programming services. This is an excellent site to build your freelancing business.

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