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EE Discussion Forums, Newsgroups, and Mailing Lists

EE Discussion Forums

  • Circuit Cellar Discussion Board

    Newsgroups from the Circuit Cellar Ink magazine.


    News and Information for Electrical Engineers. Presents articles of interest for professionals and hobbyists. Also contains calculators for maximum trace length before needing terminations and for finding the number and value of bypass capacitors needed for a component.

  • Embedded Technology Discussion Forums

    A large number of discussion forums on all types of topics, including Electronics, Embedded Technology, Fiber Optics, Power, Semiconductors, Wireless, and more.

  • Eng-Tips Forums

    Electrical/Electronic Engineers technical support forums and mutual help system for engineering professionals. Selling and recruiting forbidden.


    This new community aims to become the place where electronic hobbyists around the earth meet and exchange ideas and thoughts.

  • SMTNet Electronics Forums

    SMTNet is the portal to printed circuit board design, fabrication, and assembly. Resources include interactive forums, live PCB equipment market, supplier search, SMT news, career center, calendar of events, library, and bookstore.

EE Newsgroups

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EE Mailing Lists

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