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Home Automation, Security, and Smart Homes

Are you interested in making your house a "smart home"? Home automation can help to improve your family's security, lower your energy usage, and provide comfort and safety. is one of the best places to find these types of products. They have an outstanding selection, at reasonable prices. Smarthome is the largest home automation and home control supplier in the world. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, Smarthome's international customer base includes retail customers as well as professional dealer/installers through its SmarthomePro division. Smarthome has dedicated itself to making life more convenient, safe and fun.

Smarthome is committed to low prices. If you find the identical product advertised for less, tell us and we will search for a supplier who can offer us a lower price, so we can pass the savings on to you. Smarthome offers a 30-day no-hassle money back guarantee, same-day shipping, hassle-free warranty returns, and the industry's best technical support. Our technical team can help advise you on the right products for any job. Further, they will be there for you should you need help with installation or operation of any products purchased from us.

Some of the best-selling products at include:

  • BoosterLinc Plug-In Signal Booster - X10 / X-10 Amplifier - This product is a simple plug-in device that greatly enhances the reliability of X-10-based home automation products. (X-10 is the current standard technology for home automation devices to communicate through the home's existing powerline.) The world's first 110V signal enhancer, BoosterLinc is a proprietary Smarthome product that became the firm's best seller within 48 hours of launch and ended the year at No. 1.
  • Sensaphone - Remote Monitoring and Control - This device monitors homes for temperature, leaks, motion and other events and then calls the homeowner to alert them of an event. Many Smarthome customers use the product to monitor their vacation or other second homes.
  • SwitchLinc 2-Way Dimmer - X10 / X-10 Wireless Light Switch - This advanced line of X-10-compatible dimmers and switches feature brightness indicator bars, adjustable "on" levels and ramp rates, and elegant whole-house controls. The two-way SwitchLinc was the world's first dimmer/switch that could trigger other devices in the home and to confirm it received a signal from a remote controller.
  • DoorBell Fon Door Answering System - This product rings the home phone with a distinctive tone after a visitor has pressed the button on the intercom station at the front door. The homeowner can then talk to the visitor without having to physically walk to the door. This easy-to-install system can handle up to two door intercom stations, and comes in ivory or brass.
  • SpeedWrap All-In-One Cable - Measuring 0.69-inches in diameter, this advanced cable combines multiple fiber optic, coaxial and telephone cables together into one bundle, reducing installation time by allowing users to pull all cables at once. It is ideal for new home construction or for homeowners who hope to "future proof" their home with cables that support existing and future technology. Video, voice and data technology can all be accessed throughout the house. It is available in two configurations -- SpeedWrap with Fiber Optic Cable or SpeedWrap Category 4E/RG-6 -- and consumers can choose between a PVC jacket or spiral-wrapped cable.
  • SmartHome SecureLinc VR Wireless Security System - This full-featured, professional-grade security system protects 30 zones throughout a house using wireless sensors and a completely customizable system. The main unit plugs directly into a wall and each wireless sensor can be placed in desired locations, allowing the user to program the system without having to worry about hardwiring or cables. It can automatically dial private numbers with a pre-recorded message, blare an 85-decibal siren and notify the 24-hour monitoring personnel when the alarm system is activated. The system comes with eight wireless key chains to arm or disarm the security system, but will also respond to commands through any phone.


In addition to home automation, also offers products in the following categories:

  • Lighting - This is Smarthome's most popular control category because it's an easy and affordable way to become involved with home automation. Among the variety of applications, consumers can automate and control light fixtures to create optimum lighting for any activity, such as watching television and reading, or program lights for security while controlling them remotely from anywhere in the house or world through the Internet.
  • Security Systems & Access Control - Smarthome offers solutions to help consumers save money on surveillance services while monitoring non-traditional security events such as a flood in the laundry room or basement. Smarthome offers security products that allow the front door to be unlocked or the garage door to be closed through the Internet or phone. In addition, Smarthome provides products that allow users to view live images of visitors at the front door displayed on the TV screen or computer screen over the Internet.
  • Home Theater & Entertainment - Smarthome offers premiere home theater components and products that allow consumers control all audio and video functions from virtually anywhere in the home. For example, consumers no longer need to spend time looking for remotes to activate home theater components. With the touch of a single button, the television, audio and surround sound automatically activates. Additionally, Smarthome offers components allowing consumers to incorporate built-in speakers throughout the home or patio.
  • Temperature & Climate Control - Smarthome offers numerous products to help consumers save money on their heating or cooling bills. For example, instead of running the heater or air conditioner all day and night, consumers can program the thermostat to turn on each morning before they wake up and turn off as they leave for work. Another example is SmarthomeLive, which sends notices through e-mail or phone if the house temperature reaches below or above a specified level, enabling the homeowner to remotely adjust the thermostat and conserve energy.
  • Phone Systems - Smarthome offers high-quality, full-featured phone systems for home and small business applications. Several of Smarthome's systems come standard with caller ID and a home automation controller used to screen calls by ringing only when the phone recognizes the caller as part of the pre-programmed list of numbers. Smarthome also offers phone security products, including the video doorphone system that allows users to hear and view the visitor before answering.


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