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Microcontroller Information

Motorola HC11

The HC11 family includes a large number of variations, ranging from single-chippers to larger micros with bank-switching support.
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Motorola HC12

The HC12 family is the next step up from the HC11, offering better performance, better memory management, and more features.
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Motorola 6805

The 6805 family is the next step down from the HC11, with more single-chip variations, smaller packages, and lower cost.
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Microchip PIC

I have a love-hate relationship with PICs. The devices are readily available, reasonably priced, very fast, and come in lots of variations. However, the architecture itself is awkward to say the least, with small memory maps, poor support for compilers, and byzantine assembly language. Support is awesome, though, both from Microchip and numerous third parties.
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Intel 8051

The 8051 was one of the first microcontroller families, and remains one of the most commonly used. The devices are available from multiple sources, are cheap, have decent tools, and offer a nice upgrade path to larger and more capable parts.
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Atmel AVR

The AVR is a relatively new microcontroller family, but already has a nice array of devices and good tool support. It offers high performance, lots of peripherals, flash memory, and is available in both single-chip and external memory versions.
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Rabbit 2000

The Rabbit 2000 from Rabbit Semiconductor is a descendant of the venerable Z80 family of microcontrollers. The Rabbit offers high performance, 8-bit memory interface, 1 megabit of code space, four serial ports, up to 40 I/O lines, seven timers, a built-in RTC (real time clock), and support for in-system programming and TCP/IP networking.
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Microcontroller News

Keeping up to date with the world of microcontrollers and embedded systems is a challenge due to the sheer number of companies producing microcontrollers, development tools, and supporting semiconductors and electronic components. These news sources can help.

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Microcontrollers - Other Information

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