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Rabbit Microcontrollers

Rabbit SemiconductorThe Rabbit microcontrollers from Rabbit Semiconductor are a descendant of the venerable Z80 family of microcontrollers. The Rabbit 2000 offers high performance, 8-bit memory interface, 1 megabit of code space, four serial ports, up to 40 I/O lines, seven timers, a built-in RTC (real time clock), and support for in-system programming and TCP/IP networking. Low-cost development tools are available.

On the negative side of the ledger, the "Dynamic C" compiler included with the development kits is best suited to small projects. Few third-party tools are available. As for the chip itself, the only minuses are lack of a single-chip version, no on-board EEPROM, and no on-board ADCs.

The newer Rabbit processors offers faster speeds, lower EMI, more I/O, and more serial ports.

Rabbit Links

  • Rabbit Semiconductor

    Rabbit Semiconductor is the creator of the Rabbit microcontrollers, and the web site has information on the chip, data sheets, development kits, and software development tools.

  • Z-World

    Z-World is the parent company of Rabbit Semiconductor, and offers a number of Rabbit-based products, as well as Z80-based systems.

  • New Twists on the Z80

    An article from Embedded Systems Programming, written by Jean Labrosse, discussing the Rabbit 2000, how it differs from the older Z80 family, how it compares to competing products such as the Zilog eZ80, and how will it works with RTOS's (Real-Time Operating Systems).

Rabbit Development Tools / Boards

  • Rabbit Core Modules

    A selection of Rabbit Semiconductor core modules, application kits, and accessory kits.

  • Dynamic C

    Information on the "Dynamic C" compiler/debugger system offered by Rabbit Semiconductor.

  • Jackrabbit

    Information on the "Jackrabbit" single-board computer from Z-World.

  • Rabbit 2000 Core Module

    Information on the "Rabbit 2000 Core Module" single-board computer from Z-World.

  • Rabbit Development Kits

    Development kits for the entire line of Rabbit processors and core modules, each containing a development board, a programming cable, and the complete Dynamic C compiler and debugger.

  • Rabbit 2000 TCP/IP Development Kit

    The TCP/IP kit contains a development board with Rabbit processor, flash and ARAM memory, ethernet hardware, and I/O circuitry), a programming cable, and the complete Dynamic C compiler and debugger. The TCP/IP kit allows you to transfer data over a local network or over the Internet, and comes with source for all the necessary protocols.

  • Softools

    A complete Windows programming environment for assembly and C development for the Rabbit 2000, with a macro assembler, standard C compiler, and multitasking library.

  • z2k Tool Suite

    A Linux-hosted assembler, debugger, downloader, floating point library, and multi-tasking code.

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