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Robotics Books

  • Build Your Own Robot!
    This book, a compilation of articles from Karl Lunt's long-running column for Nuts & Volts magazine, is a must-read for all beginner and intermediate-level robotics enthusiasts. Written in a friendly, straightforward manner, the author's stories about his various robotics projects will inspire you to try them yourself - and he shares his tips and code to help you. Possible projects range from transforming a TV remote control into a robot controller to building a robot from a drink cooler. You'll want to build them all - the author's enthusiasm for robotics is contagious!
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  • Robot Building for Beginners
    Learning robotics by yourself isn't easy, but it helps when the encouragement comes from an expert who's spent years in the field. Not only does author David Cook assist you in understanding the component parts of robot development, but he also presents valuable techniques that prepare you to achieve new discoveries on your own. Specific tools and parts covered include digital multimeters, motors, wheels, resistors, LEDs, photoresistors, transistors, chips, gears, nut drivers, batteries, and more. Robot Building for Beginners is an inspiring book that provides an essential base of practical knowledge for anyone getting started in amateur robotics.
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  • Robot Building for Dummies
    Find out how to build your own robot and program it to perform tasks. This book walks you through building your very own little metal assistant from a kit, dressing it up, giving it a brain, programming it to do things, even make it talk. Along the way you'll learn about the history of robotics, and more.
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  • Build Your Own Humanoid Robots : 6 Amazing and Affordable Projects
    This unique guide to sophisticated robotics projects brings humanoid robot construction home to the hobbyist. Serious enough to interest robot professionals, the plans inside offer serious fun to hobbyists. They give you the power to breathe life into a mechanical being with amazingly human qualities, and feature all the instructions you need for programming the inexpensive chips that give your humanoid brains and sensitivity.
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  • Personal Robotics
    This book provides an overview of available robot products, ranging from the simple to the complex, allowing interested readers to find the robot kit that matches their skill level and pocketbook. It includes suggestions for projects suited to the robots reviewed. This handy guide will help to avoid the frustrations that come from working with the wrong kit - whether it's too hard to assemble, or too easy to be challenging.
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  • Behavior-Based Robotics
    This introduction to the principles, design, and practice of intelligent behavior-based autonomous robotic systems is the first true survey of this robotics field. The author presents the tools and techniques central to the development of this class of systems in a clear and thorough manner. Following a discussion of the relevant biological and psychological models of behavior, he covers the use of knowledge and learning in autonomous robots, behavior-based and hybrid robot architectures, modular perception, robot colonies, and future trends in robot intelligence.
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  • Computational Principles of Mobile Robotics
    This is a textbook for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in the field of mobile robotics. With a special emphasis on computation and algorithms, the authors address a range of strategies for enabling robots to perform tasks that involve motion and behavior. The book is divided into three major sections: locomotion, sensing, and reasoning. It concentrates on wheeled and legged mobile robots, but discusses a variety of other propulsion systems. It presents algorithms for both visual and nonvisual sensor technologies, including sonar, vision, and laser scanners. In the section on reasoning, the authors emphasize the problems of navigation, pose estimation, and autonomous exploration.
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Robotics & Automation: Best-Sellers

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