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HC11 Compendium

The HC11 family includes a large number of variations, ranging from single-chippers to larger micros with bank-switching support. The HC11 is certainly one of the workhorses of the industry, used in everything from automotive to industrial applications. It is also a very popular processor for robotics applications.

I am most familiar with the 'A1, 'E1, and 'F1 variants, of which the 'F1 is by far the best, offering a non-multiplexed bus, 1K of internal RAM, 512 bytes of internal EEPROM, an 8-channel 8-bit A/D converter, timers, watchdog, SPI (synchronous serial port), SCI (asynchronous serial port), built-in chip-select outputs, and up to 30 I/O pins.

Most HC11's are limited to a 64K address space, which must contain all ROM, RAM, EEPROM, registers, and I/O. It's possible to implement a bank-switched memory scheme on any of the HC11's, but the 'K4 provides built-in support for banked memory, allowing the processor to access over 1 Mbyte of memory. Most of the higher-end compilers provide support for banked code.

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HC11 Links

  • 68HC11 Selector Guide

    Freescale's HC11 Selector Guide, showing all available HC11 variants. Click thru on a particular part to get chip details.

  • 68HC11 Information

    Tom Dickens' HC11 page features a fine selection of HC11 info, with articles, tutorials, references, documentation, and sample code.

  • MicroSyl

    Sylvain Bissonnette's site focusses primarily on the HC11 and HC12. An assembler, a bootloader, emulator, source code, and a FAQ highlight the HC11 offerings.

  • Roger's Embedded Microcontrollers Home Page

    A large number of links to HC11 resources (as well as 6805 and HC12 links). The site concentrates on sources of PC boards and development systems for experimenters, students and small volume production use. There are also a number of links to sites for software for the HC11 and some other cool links. By Roger Schaefer.

HC11 Books

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HC11 Development Tools / Boards

HC11 Compilers:

HC11 Emulators:

HC11 Boards:

HC11 Misc:

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