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  • Embedded Software Consulting - Key to Your Success!

    Have you considered outsourcing an embedded software project? There are risks to such an approach, but many advantages as well.

    read more Posted on 01-18-2011, Filed Under: business

  • Attitude Is More Important Than Age To A Home Business Entrepreneur

    Your attitude plays a very important in determining whether you can be a successful Home Business Entrepreneur and make money out of it.

    read more Posted on 10-04-2010, Filed Under: business

  • How to Improve Product Development Productivity - Lessons From the Checklist Manifesto

    The recently published book 'The Checklist Manifesto' holds important lessons for how semiconductor and embedded systems design teams can improve their product-development productivity.

    read more Posted on 09-20-2010, Filed Under: business

  • Get Rich Doing What Others Don't

    The quickest way to wealth that I've found to be true; Is to stick out your chest give your best and do what others don't like to do!

    read more Posted on 08-17-2010, Filed Under: business

  • Listen To Me Lad Says Jack

    Listen To Me Lad Says Jack - As an apprentice engineer I learned some very sage advice: Remember that you get paid just as much to rub out as you do to draw in the first place, so don't you be frightened to make a few mistakes.

    read more Posted on 08-04-2010, Filed Under: business

  • The Top Five Technical Documentation Mistakes

    Weak technical documentation is very common, yet a company's entire future can depend on the amount of attention they pay to this very important issue.

    read more Posted on 07-28-2010, Filed Under: business

  • Cash Flow Management

    Cash. Most people want more. When running a small business it's particularly important to monitor how cash is coming in and how much cash is going out.

    read more Posted on 07-12-2010, Filed Under: business

  • How to Effectively Manage Your Time With A Home Business

    Are you spending too much time with your home business and not achieving the results you desire? Focusing too much of your time and efforts on your business and achieving poor results can have detrimental effects on your business, your personal relationships, physical and mental health, and overall happiness in life.

    read more Posted on 06-01-2010, Filed Under: business

  • Overcoming Your Biggest Marketing Obstacle

    At times, no matter what you do your marketing is stuck and you're not attracting new clients quickly enough. What is it that's keeping you from growing your business and your revenue?

    read more Posted on 05-25-2010, Filed Under: business

  • Is a Home Business Right for You?

    Every morning as people wake up and make the commute to work, many dream of the day when they will finally work for themselves. Every time the boss lets someone know that they must give up their weekend plans for the good of the company, people contemplate the benefits of being the owner of their own business.

    read more Posted on 05-18-2010, Filed Under: business

  • Explaining What You Do in 15 Seconds

    You're in the elevator and your friend John introduces you to Barbara who is the CEO of one of the companies you'd like to do business with. Barbara asks what you do. Here is your chance -- what do you say?

    read more Posted on 05-12-2010, Filed Under: business

  • The Power of Passion

    A vital attitude for you to constantly improve is YOUR PASSION. This one attitude can change your entire life for the better. Improving this attitude affects everyone around you. They believe in you, trust you and want to support you.

    read more Posted on 05-10-2010, Filed Under: business

  • Five Steps to An Effective Business Plan

    You have an idea for a business. You know what you want to sell, who you can sell it to, and how much you stand to earn from it. There's just one more thing you need: a business plan.

    read more Posted on 05-06-2010, Filed Under: business

  • Tax Information for Small Businesses

    The IRS publishes a lot of tax information to help small business owners and there are many ways to get it. You can always visit an IRS office to pick up copies of IRS forms and publications, although the IRS continues to make it easier for you to get these materials without leaving your office or maybe even your home.

    read more Posted on 05-01-2010, Filed Under: business

  • The Importance of Good Business Etiquette

    Etiquette is a very important factor in determining the success or failure of a business or a person. Practicing and following these tips for business etiquette will have a remarkable effect in improving business and build contacts necessary for your business.

    read more Posted on 04-30-2010, Filed Under: business

  • Tax Advantages In A Home Business

    Tax deductions are one of the beauties of engaging in a home business, you can deduct business expenses such as supplies, subscriptions to professional journals, and an allowance for the business use of your vehicle and house.

    read more Posted on 04-26-2010, Filed Under: business

  • How To Realistically Set Your Fees

    There are many factors which need to be examined in setting your fees, such as billable hours, the effect of expenses, the effect of benefits, and the effect of bad debts.

    read more Posted on 04-25-2010, Filed Under: business

  • Seven Characteristics To Foster Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

    Being an entrepreneur requires foreseeing an opportunity before anyone else does and taking the bait while understanding full well that opportunities are not entirely without some risk. A successful entrepreneur accepts that everyone makes mistakes but knows that learning from mistakes is extremely important.

    read more Posted on 04-24-2010, Filed Under: business

  • 25 Valuable Phone Numbers For Small Business Success

    Starting and growing a small business can be a daunting and sometimes lonely process we have compiled a list of 25 helpful phone numbers for agencies and services that work with small businesses. They can give you information, ideas, and resources to help you be more successful.

    read more Posted on 04-22-2010, Filed Under: business