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MP3 Projects

"MP3 is hotter than sex", at least if you can judge popularity by the terms that people search for. But by any measure, MP3 music files are immensely popular, and building your own MP3 player from spare computer parts has become a common senior project in colleges around the world. Here are a few of the many sites that provide detailed plans, or at least a lot of useful information.

  • Amiga In-Car MP3 Mod

    A project using an Amiga 600 to build an in-car MP3 (and games) player.

  • b94's Projects

    Electronic projects with microcontrollers : some mp3 players, an USB HDD interface, and more other. Written in italian.

  • CARMP3

    A player based on a PC motherboard running Linux. One nice thing about this project is that it uses a 320x200 LCD screen. This site features descriptions, hardware and software info, and photos.

  • Codepuppies MP3 Player

    An MP3 player built using the MAS3507D MP3 decoder.

  • Homebrew MP3 Player

    Details on a home-grown MP3 player built using an 8051 development board, MAS3507D decoder chip, power supply, and a massive hard drive. Information includes schematics, PCB layouts, and source code. The next version of the player should be available in kit form.

  • megaPEG

    Hardware MP3 player that plays from an IDE-HD or CD-ROM, using an Atmel ATmega103 micro, MAS3507D MP3 decoder, DAC, and LCD. With schematics and PCB layouts.

  • MoP3

    A standalone MP3 player built with a Motorola 68HC11 microcontroller and hardware MP3 decoder chip.


    Hardware plans and software source code to build your own MP3 CD player.

  • MP3 Final Project

    A nice MP3 project, done as a student's senior project. Uses an Atmel AT90S8535 micro, STA013 MP3 decoder, CS4331 DAC, and flash card. With schematics, photos, and source code.

  • MP3mobile

    An MP3 player for your car, built around a Pentium SBC with a 2.5GB hard drive, running Red Hat Linux, and featuring a 1x16 VFD (Vacuum Fluourescent Display) connected to the PC parallel port. The site includes an excellent description of the project, along with source code and photos.

  • MP3 PC

    An MP3 player made from old PC parts.

  • MP3 Projects

    Make your own MP3 player with this collection of project plans. Detailed information on how to design and build your own hardware MP3 player, including schematics, software, documentation, pictures, and many links.

  • PUMP

    Hardware that allows for decoding and playback of MP3 audio files without any additional hardware. This way you can build your own compact MP3 player without having to care about the technical details. Sound quality is excellent due to selection of high quality components. Based on the i386EX processor around which the other components are arranged. A free DOS clone, FreeDOS, serves as Operating System.

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