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Test Equipment

A compendium of information and links related to electronic test equipment, including manufacturers, vendors, directories, and more.

Electronic Test Equipment Books

  • Build Your Own Home Lab
    This book shows you how to assemble an efficient working home lab. Learn how to create an ideal lab inexpensively, and how to make it pay its own way through years of growth and use. Build Your Home Lab includes many projects for creating your own instruments, such as a multichannel oscilloscope switch and a 100-minute timer/stop watch - instruments designed to help you learn more about electronics while you save money by creating them yourself. By Clement Pepper.
    Price: $49.95 Save $21.00!Buy Now
  • Build Your Own Test Equipment
    Build Your Own Test Equipment contains information on how to build several pragmatic testing devices. Each and every device is designed to be highly practical and space conscious, and use commonly-available components. Projects include: prototype lab, multi-output test bench power supply, signal generator and tester, tri-state logic probe, bipolar transistor tester, IC tester, portable digital capacitance meter, four-digit counter, digital multimeter, digital function generator, eight-digit frequency counter and solid-state oscilloscope.
    Price: $38.88 Save $52.07!Buy Now
  • How to Test Almost Anything Electronic
    Staying away from hard-to-understand theory and mathematics, this practical handbook show you how common devices such as multimeters, frequency and logic probes, signal traces, and oscilloscopes are used. You'll pinpoint problems in everything from TV sets and computers to automotive electrical systems. A practical, hands-on guide to troubleshooting with electronic test equipment - revised to include current testing techniques and new chapters on mechanical repairs and flowcharting.
    Price: $16.31 Save $13.69!Buy Now
  • Test Equipment Guide
    The latest information on electronic test equipment and the most up-to-date ideas for using the tools to do your jobs or projects in the most efficient manner possible. Includes general descriptions of handy accessories, detailed analysis of modern technological equipment, handy hints, tips, how-to's, and much more. By Natalie Harris and Loretta Leisure.
    Price: $49.99Buy Now
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Inexpensive Electronic Test Equipment

Prices shown are accurate as of Dec 23, 2017 18:21pm CST. Please follow the links for current pricing.

Electronic Test Equipment Suppliers

  • Data Sheet Depot

    Free technical data sheets for electronic test equipment from manufacturers such as Agilent, HP, Tektronix, Marconi, Acterna, Fluke, Rohde & Schwarz, LeCroy, etc.

  • MR Test Equipment

    An international company that specializes in sales of refurbished electronic test and measurement equipment like oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, signal generators, & logic analyzers. Quality brand names, calibrated, with warranty at reasonable prices.

  • American Test Equipment

    American Test Equipment is a global supplier of electronic test and measurement equipment, selling and renting all types of quality, refurbished test equipment.

  • Continental Resources

    New and used test equipment rental and sales including: oscilloscopes, network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, and other electronic test equipment from Tektronix, Agilent, Fluke, QuadTech, Rohde and Schwarz, among other respected manufacturers.

  • Global Test Supply

    An online source for refurbished electronic test equipment. Global Test Supply purchases, sells, and services electronic test equipment from major manufacturers such as Agilent, Tektronix, Fluke, BK Precision, Instek, Extech, Philips, Rhode & Schwartz and others.

  • Test Equipment Corporation

    Test Equipment Corporation rents, leases, and sells new and refurbished electronic test and measurement equipment. We have a large inventory that includes analyzers, power sources, generators, oscilloscopes, generators, recorders, meters, environmental chambers, ovens, and EMC compliance test equipment.

    Test Equipment Corporation

  • Carl's Electronics

    Carl's Electronics offers a nice selection of test equipment for students, hobbiests, and do-it-yourselfers, including Low Cost Oscilloscope, Multimeters, Benchtop Meters, Temperature Meters, and more.

  • Parrot Gripper Clip

    Test probes, test leads, test clips for multimeters, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers based on the Parrot Clip Invention produced by PARROT INVENT. This is one of the best solutions for test leads for multimeters and other electronic test equipments due to the low-resistance, hands-free, gripping clip that easily attaches to even sensitive surface-mount components.

  • Bell Electronics NW, Inc.

    Bell Electronics NW, Inc. buys, leases and rents new and refurbished oscilloscopes, network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, RF equipment and much more from Agilent (HP), Tektronix, Fluke and many others.

  • Contact East

    Products for testing, assembling, and repairing electronic equipment, as well as test and measurement equipment, tool kits, cases, static protection devices, product identification supplies, cleaning equipment, soldering and desoldering equipment, and much more.


    Distributor of a full range of test and measurement tools including multimeter, thermometers, ph meters and more...

  • Extech Instruments

    Offers data acqusition tools, lab instruments, meters, power sources, printers, temperature measurement tools, and other test equipment.

  • Jensen Tools

    Jensen Tools is the foremost catalog supplier of tool kits and cases, test instruments and other products and equipment needed by technicians and service personnel in electronics and communications industries.

  • LabX

    Online auctions and classified ads for buying and selling scientific equipment at LabX. Need equipment? Run your free wanted ad today and get results.


    Offers high-quality test instrumentation, from the best names in the business, at significant savings, through the ease and convenience of Internet ordering.

  • Metric Sales

    Save 30-70% on used electronic test equipment. New Tek oscilloscopes, HP Spectrum Analyzers, Network Analyzers, Fluke Calibrators, etc.

  • Reliable Procurement

    Offers quality used test equipment, new test equipment, used test equipment, electronic test equipment, test and measurement equipment, oscilloscope, analog scopes, spectrum analyzer, network analyzer and power supply.

  • Techni-Tool

    The latest in tools, kits, surface mount rework technology, and test instrumentation equipment.

  • TekNet Electronics

    Buy and sell used test equipment of all catagories and manufactures. Spectrum analyzers, signal generators, multifunction calibrators, multimeters, and more. HP, Tektronix, Fluke and more -- unsurpassed quality with reasonable pricing.

  • Test Equipment Connection

    A leading dealer of reconditioned test and measurement equipment, buying and selling bench top, general-purpose test and measurement equipment. A specialist in reconditioned Hewlett Packard and Tektronix tools.

  • Test Equipment Depot

    New and Pre-Owned Electronic Test Equipment, including oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, power supplies, video test equipment, generators, meters, and more.

  • Test Equity

    TestEquity sells and rents new and used electronic test equipment. Oscilloscopes, meters, spectrum analyzers, logic analyzers, environmental chambers, power supplies, and more.

  • Test Mart

    The TestMart test and measurement center provides unbiased tool comparisons, with specs on over 12,000 products. Buy, lease, or rent new or refurbished equipment, or sell your underutilized equipment online.

  • Tucker Electronics

    New and used electronic test measurement equipment. Buy, lease and rent oscilloscopes, power supplies, spectrum analyzers, multimeters, manuals and more from Hewlett Packard, Tektronics, Fluke and others.


    Used test equipment - daily updated 60,000+ listings of amplifiers, analyzers, HPLC, counters, generators, lasers, meters, microscopes, oscilloscopes, vacuum pumps, etc.

Electronic Test Equipment Manufacturers

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