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There are a large number of magazines serving the electronics industry. Each is targeted at a particular segment of the market, and they vary in quality and usefulness. Luckily, many of the publications are free (to qualified subscribers), so you can give them a try and find out whether or not you like them. The following are the magazines that I consider essential.

  • Electronic Engineering TimesElectronic Engineering Times

    EE Times is a weekly newspaper for electronics engineers. It covers primarily industry news and trends, rather than specific design features or product announcements. It also features a good "profession" section, which focusses on issues related to the profession of electronic engineering. EE Times Asia is also available.

  • EDN - Electronic Design NewsEDN - Electronic Design News

    EDN is one of the oldest and most prestigious EE publications, and it's very strong in design articles. It it is the best magazine to read to keep up on the technical aspects of the industry.

  • Embedded Systems DesignEmbedded Systems Design

    ESD is a monthly magazine for engineers, programmers, and project leaders who build microcontroller and embedded microprocessor-based systems. It features useful, real-world articles in nearly every issue, and excellent columnists. I consider this the bible of the industry, and a "must-read" for every embedded systems programmer.

  • Electronic ProductsElectronic Products

    Electronic Products is a monthly publication that features new-product announcements. Paging thru this magazine is a great way to keep up on new component releases. Though most new products are electronic components, there are also sections for SBC, design tools, software, and mechanical components.

  • ECN - Electronic Component NewsECN - Electronic Component News

    Product news & information for the electronic designer. ECN's suite of products satisfies the divergent information needs of the electronics market. We're a resource, educational tool, source guide - in short, a knowledge builder. ECN's Electronic Industry Telephone Directory lists 30,000 companies in one national edition, ensuring EITD as the phonebook of choice for the Electronics OEM.

More publications are listed on the Hardware Magazines and Software Magazines pages.

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