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HC12 Compendium

Freescale's HC12 family is the next step up from the older HC11 generation or microcontrollers, offering better performance, better memory management, and more features. Originally, it was primarily available in two variations:

  • MC68HC912B32 - This is the single-chip version of the HC12, with 32K of Flash ROM, 1K of RAM, 768 bytes of EEPROM, a single serial port, a PWM (Pulse-Width Modulator), and up to 63 I/O lines, in an 80-pin QFP package.
  • MC68HC812A4 - This is the expanded version of the HC12, with 1K of RAM, 4K of EEPROM, support for a 5-Mbyte address space, two serial ports, a non-multiplexed bus, chip selects, and up to 91 I/O lines, in a 112-pin QFP package. It requires external program memory.

All variations feature an SPI (Synchronous Serial Peripheral Interface) port, 8-channel A/D converter, 8 16-bit timers, watchdog, and a BDM (background debugger) port. Other HC12 variations are available, but these two are the most popular and widely used.

Later variations include the HCS12 series, featuring faster speed, a better flash memory implementation, more internal memory, and enhanced packaging.

HC12 Links

  • HCS12 Selector Guide

    Freescale's HCS12 selector guide. See also: HC12 Selector Guide.

  • HC12 Books

    Books about development using Freescale's HC12 processors. These books will help you learn about the HC12 and get the most from this powerful family of microcontrollers.

  • MGTEK HC12 Resources

    A nice collection of HC12 links, from MGTEK, creators of the MiniIDE, an integrated development environment for Motorola's HC11 and the HC12 that includes an integrated editor, HC11/HC12 cross assembler and terminal.

  • MicroSyl

    Sylvain Bissonnette's site focusses primarily on the HC11 and HC12. Development boards, source code libraries, and the start of a FAQ highlight the HC12 offerings.

  • Oliver Thamm's HC12 Web

    A large number of links and resources for the HC12 microcontrollers. Articles, data sheets, mailing lists, books, development tools, boards, and much more.

HC12 Development Tools / Boards

HC12 Compilers:

HC12 Emulators:

HC12 Boards:

HC12 Misc:

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