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AVR Compendium

AVR MicrocontrollerThe Atmel AVR microcontroller families provide code-efficient 8 and 32-bit architectures with a nice array of devices and good tool support. The devices offer high performance, lots of peripherals, flash memory, and are available in both single-chip and external memory versions. One really nice aspect of the AVR is that it's been embraced by both hobbyist's and professionals, and there's a comprehensive ecosystem of development tools, software and technical support.

AVR Links

  • Atmel

    Atmel, as the AVR manufacturer, provides a comprehensive web site with product information, data sheets, samples, and information on development tools and programming software.

  • AVR Freaks

    The number one AVR community site, with complete information about devices, tools, and applications, plus popular discussion forums.


    A web site dedicated to Atmel AVR microcontrollers, with documentation, compilers links, tools links, projects, development boards, news and more.


    A series of PODcasts produced by Atmel's AVR design centre in Trondheim, Norway. Episodes contain product demos, trainings, tutorials, and product news.

AVR Development Tools / Boards




  • AVRCalc - A free calculator to assist in programming AVR microcontrollers

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