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HC11 Books

  • Embedded Microcomputer Systems
    Presents general design methodologies, with examples, using the Motorola 6805, 6808, 6811, and 6812 microcontrollers. Includes a detailed study of hardware and software components of embedded systems, programming techniques and style, the development of debugging strategies for embedded systems (from both assembly language and C language perspectives), and detailed case studies. The CD-ROM contains a simulator.
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  • Design of Embedded Systems Using 68HC12/11 Microcontrollers
    Describes in detail the Motorola 68HC12 microcontroller, how to program it, and how to design embedded systems using it. The book emphasizes the use of the 68HC12 while at the same time providing information about the 68HC11. The disk contains Forth interpreters for the 68HC12 and 68HC11 microcontrollers along with assembly language and C++ programs.
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  • Introduction to Embedded Microcomputer Systems: Motorola 6811/6812 Simulation
    Jonathan Valvano's new text provides students with an introduction to the field of microcomputer programming and interfacing using the Motorola 6811 and 6812 chips. The objective of this book is to present basic computer architecture, teach assembly language programming, and introduce microcomputer interfacing. Valvano develops these topics around the TExaS simulator. Included free with the book on CD, the TExaS simulator is a self-contained program for testing microcomputer hardware and software. The simulator shows activity internal to the chip so one can experience the architecture by observing activity inside the microcomputer. Also, TExaS provides the ability to connect external hardware devices like switches, LEDs, LCDs, keyboards, serial port devices, motors, and analog circuits.
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