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Microcontroller News

Keeping up to date with the world of microcontrollers and embedded systems is a challenge due to the sheer number of companies producing microcontrollers, development tools, and supporting semiconductors and electronic components. The Twitter feed from @mcunews is perhaps one of the best real-time microcontroller news feeds:

Microcontrollers News - Other Sources

  • The ChipList

    The ChipList processor portal brings you processor news, as well as market analyses, CPU specifications, overview tables, roadmaps, performance benchmarks, and system tests.


    This Australian site provides news coverage of the entire electronics industry, including microcontrollers.


    A global embedded systems community offering a well organized collection of high-quality resources and news on the microcontroller industry.

See Also: Magazines - Although their news is not as fresh as the online sources, magazines are a valuable resource, covering the entire industry.

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