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8051 Books

  • EdSim51's Guide to the 8051
    The 8051 is at the core of many modern 8-bit microcontroller systems. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to embedded systems concepts, with the 8051 as its centrepiece. It starts by explaining the basics of all microcontrollers, then examines 8051 specifics, including the timers, the serial port, interrupts and peripheral interfacing. Screenshots of the EdSim51 simulator (freely available from are used throughout the text to show the microcontroller in action. The simulator is an ideal companion to this book as it will aid the student gain a clear understanding of embedded systems in general and of the 8051 in particular. The book contains many example programs, written in assembly. Finally, the reader is introduced to C programming for the 8051.
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  • The 8051 Microcontroller: Hardware, Software, and Interfacing
    Using a clear writing style and a "nuts and bolts" approach, this book describes the entire field of embedded controllers -- hardware, software, and interfacing -- using the Intel 8051 microcontroller as an example. The emphasis throughout is on interfacing the 8051 to real-world devices such as switches, displays, motors, A/D converters, etc. -- through both assembly language and C language programming. The book provides abundant programming examples both in assembly language and in C throughout.
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  • C and the 8051 : Hardware, Modular Programming, and Multitasking
    This practical, example-rich tutorial shows experienced developers exactly how to develop efficient, multitasked applications with the Intel 8051 family of embedded processors. This book combines a detailed discussion of microcontroller hardware and machine operations with instruction in C programming. Efficiency is emphasized throughout; for instance, the book includes detailed coverage of modular programming and effective development processes. There is extensive coverage of multitasking, including the use of real-time interrupts. The book includes many examples, all given in C, with some simpler examples also shown in assembler. Most examples apply to the entire 8051 family. For engineers, system designers, developers or students who produce small embedded applications. See Also: C and the 8051 : Building Efficient Applications.
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