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Software Development

  • Books

    There are a huge number of books related to software development, far too many to even enumerate. Here are a few of the best...

  • Compilers

    Links to C cross compilers for various microcontrollers...

  • Magazines

    Here are a few industry magazines that focus on software development...

Software Development Links

  • is a web site designed to help you learn the C or C++ programming languages, and provide you with C and C++ programming language resources. The site is a great resource for both new and experienced programmers, offering C and C++ tutorials, articles, tip and tricks.

  • Software Dioxide

    A one-stop destination for software professionals. Delve into it to meet, trade, learn, share, exchange, buy and sell. You'll discover synergies of knowledge, networks, people and technology to enhance professional growth within the software community.

  • Association of C and C++ Users

    The ACCU is a non-profit organization devoted to professionalism at all levels in C, C++ and Java. The site features a huge collection of book reviews, as well as conference news and links to other Internet C/C++/Java resources.

  • Dedicated Systems Encyclopedia

    Information about dedicated systems issues, including realtime embedded software, Real-Time Operating Systems, VME, PCI, CASE, tools, multiprocessing, distributed processing, multitasking, cross-compilers, and much more.

  • DevX

    The premier online technical information source for IT professionals developing corporate applications. With the combined strength of over 40 uniquely targeted sites, is the independent site IT professionals rely on for timely information about development tools, tips, techniques, and code. Sections for C++, Java, Linux, SQL, UML, Visual Basic, XML, and more.

  • Embedded C++ Homepage

    The goal of Embedded C++ (sometimes known as "EC++" or "Compact C++") is to provide embedded systems programmers with a subset of C++ that is easy for the average C programmer to understand and use. The subset offers upward compatibility with ISO/ANSI Standard C++ and retain the major advantages of C++. The site includes language specifications, programming guidelines, and a FAQ.

  • The Embedded Master

    This is an expert resource for embedded systems designers and developers. Daily news, insightful blogs, video demos, monthly contests, whitepapers and more for the embedded community.

  • Embedded Systems Academy

    Training classes and consulting for Embedded Systems Engineers using microcontrollers, development tools, controller area network, embedded networking, etc.

  • Programmers Heaven

    The site for programmers with thousands of resources to explore, and more than 2300 sorted links and over 8000 FREE files to download. The site contains all kinds of programming-related files and links, and new ones are added every week.

Software Development Tools

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Other Tools:

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