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Tag Archive: video

  • Letting Out The Magic Smoke

    Exploding capacitors, glowing and smoking resistors, melting semiconductors, and flying sparks ... fun times!

    read more Posted on 08-23-2010, Filed Under: video

  • $50 Multimeter Shootout

    Here's a great video from David Jones' EEVblog, in which he reviews five multimeters that retail for less than $50.

    read more Posted on 06-07-2010, Filed Under: test-equipment, video

  • Microchip Zero-G Wi-Fi Modules

    Microchip is offering a new module that lets you easily add 802.11b Wi-Fi wireless networking to your embedded applications.

    read more Posted on 05-17-2010, Filed Under: microchip, wireless, video

  • The History of Embedded Systems

    Recently we contemplated What is an Embedded System?, and here's a video that attempts to answer that question, at least on a macro level. Even if you think you know the answer, it's fun to revisit some of the early history of microcontrollers, and marvel at how far they've come.

    read more Posted on 04-29-2010, Filed Under: embedded-systems, video