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Microchip Zero-G Wi-Fi Modules

Here's a really interesting new product from Microchip:

The Microchip Technology ZG2100M and ZG2101M Zero-G Wi-Fi Modules are low-power 802.11b implementations containing all RF components, the baseband, and the entirety of the 802.11 MAC on-module, creating a simple and cost-effective means to add Wi-Fi connectivity for embedded devices. The Microchip Technology ZG2100M module incorporates the Zero-G ZG2100 single chip 802.11b transceiver with all associated RF components, crystal oscillator, and bypass and bias passives along with a PCB antenna to provide a fully integrated Wi-Fi I/O solution controllable from an 8- or 16-bit processor.

According to Microchip, "These Zero-G Wi-Fi modules are ideal for utility and smart energy applications, consumer electronics, industrial controls, remote device management, and retail, as well as medical, fitness, and healthcare equipment."

Microchip Zero-G Wi-Fi Module

Microchip Zero-G Wi-Fi Module Block Diagram

This looks like it'd be really fun to play with for embedded applications!

And here are a couple video presentations that introduce the modules:

The modules are available from Microchip distributors including Mouser.

Learn more from the Microchip ZeroG page.

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