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Tag Archive: microcontroller

  • Learn Arduino

    Learn about hardware and software development with the popular Arduino platform.

    read more Posted on 08-27-2012, Filed Under: arduino, microcontrollers

  • New Microchip PIC16F178X Offer Cost-Effective Analog and Digital Functions

    Microchip has released several new members of the PIC microcontroller family, which are optimized for LED lighting, battery management, digital power supply, motor control and other applications.

    read more Posted on 06-26-2012, Filed Under: pic, microchip, microcontroller

  • Embedded Digital Filtering

    Introducing a powerful digital filtering engine into embedded applications extends the value developers can deliver to their customers, and it reduces system cost, complexity, and time-to-market.

    read more Posted on 09-07-2010, Filed Under: hardware, microcontrollers

  • Compilers For 8051 Microcontrollers

    This is an overview of some of the compilers available for 8051 microcontrollers, especially C and Pascal compilers.

    read more Posted on 08-30-2010, Filed Under: microcontrollers, 8051

  • New Microchip 'Microstick' Development Board

    Microchip Technology has a new, low-cost solution for designing with Microchip's 16-bit PIC24H microcontrollers and dsPIC33F Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs), called the "Microstick".

    read more Posted on 07-21-2010, Filed Under: pic, microcontrollers

  • TI's Amazing $4.30 LaunchPad

    Texas Instruments has released a very interesting new development tool for its MSP430 Value Line of microcontrollers, a complete development kit -- a development board, 2 programmable MSP430 microcontrollers, a mini-USB cable, and an IDE for software development -- all for only $4.30!

    read more Posted on 06-24-2010, Filed Under: ti, msp430, microcontrollers

  • 2010 Microchip MASTERs Conference

    The 14th annual Microchip MASTERs Conference takes place August 25-28 in Phoenix, Arizona. This event provides design engineers with a way to personally share technical information on Microchip's 8-, 16- and 32-bit PIC microcontrollers, as well as Microchip's other semiconductor offerings.

    read more Posted on 05-13-2010, Filed Under: pic, microcontrollers

  • Atmel Microcontrollers Introduction

    Here's a well-done introduction to the Atmel microcontroller product line, from DigiKey. This is a basically a presentation, with audio narration, providing an overview of the MCUs available from Atmel, including the AVR (8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit) and ARM (32-bit) parts.

    read more Posted on 05-05-2010, Filed Under: avr, microcontrollers