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2010 Microchip MASTERs Conference

The 14th annual Microchip MASTERs Conference takes place August 25-28 in Phoenix, Arizona. This event provides design engineers with a way to personally share technical information on Microchip's 8-, 16- and 32-bit PIC microcontrollers, as well as Microchip's other semiconductor offerings.

Attendees include Microchip subject-matter experts and the technical partners, including customers, third parties, distributor FAEs and design partners.

The conference offers classes for software and hardware design engineers and engineering managers, both lecture-based classes and hands-on workshops. There are a variety of classes for everyone from beginners to experts, covering the gamut of electronic engineering topics, including connectivity sessions on TCP/IP, USB, CAN and wireless, graphics and capacitive-touch interface development, intelligent power supplies, firmware development, motor control, selecting op-amps for sensor applications, using an RTOS, creating a bootloader, and streaming audio for embedded designs.

2010 Microchip MASTERs Conference

Registration and Pricing

Entry to the MASTERs Conference courses, a USB Flash Drive with all class materials, round-trip airport transportation, and accommodations for three nights with meals, evening entertainment and more are included in the Conference cost of $1,495 USD; all payments are due within 30 days of registration. Registrations submitted by May 14th, 2010 will receive a 10% discount ($150), and all potential attendees must register by August 13th, 2010.

Complete information regarding the MASTERs Conference can be found online at

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