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Tag Archive: hardware

  • MAX3172X Low-Power Temperature Sensors

    The new MAX3172X temperature sensors from Maxim provide temperature sensing over either an SPI or a 3-wire interface. No additional components are required -- these are true temperature-to-digital converters, which is a handy function for certain applications.

    read more Posted on 05-21-2013, Filed Under: maxim, hardware

  • Free Electronic CAD Tools

    Here are a few free electronic hardware development tools that I just became aware of: TinyCAD, FreePCB, and FreeRoute. Great for hobby projects!

    read more Posted on 11-08-2010, Filed Under: hardware, cad

  • I2C Analyzer - Monitor and Control I2C Bus

    I2C is a simple serial communication bus and protocol, and many microcontrollers have built-in hardware support. But how to debug it? An I2C analyzer is one popular choice.

    read more Posted on 10-25-2010, Filed Under: hardware

  • Open Circuits Wiki

    This is a pretty neat project: Open Circuits is a wiki for sharing open source electronics knowledge, schematics, board layouts, ports and parts libraries.

    read more Posted on 09-27-2010, Filed Under: hardware, education, open-source

  • Embedded Digital Filtering

    Introducing a powerful digital filtering engine into embedded applications extends the value developers can deliver to their customers, and it reduces system cost, complexity, and time-to-market.

    read more Posted on 09-07-2010, Filed Under: hardware, microcontrollers