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Electronic Schematics

  • Electronics Infoline

    Schematics search engine and directory for electronics and computer enthusiasts. Schematics spread over from more than 450 neatly organized hierarchical categories.

  • Discover Circuits

    Discover Circuits is a collection of 28000+ electronic circuits or schematics. Discover Circuits has 500+ electronic circuit categories to find quick solution for electronic design problems. New circuits and/or links are added regularly as as a resource for engineers, hobbyists, inventors and consultants.

  • Bowden's Hobby Circuits

    A small collection of electronic circuits for the hobbyist or student. Site includes circuit diagrams, links to related sites, commercial kits and projects, newsgroups and educational areas. Most circuits shown here can be built with common components available from Radio Shack or salvaged from scrap electronic equipment.

  • Circuit Exchange International

    Electronic and radio schematics, design, theory and analysis. Schematics include alarms and security circuits, audio, interfacing, music, radio, power supplies, and test gear.

  • Circuits For The Hobbyist

    A fine collection of electronic circuits and links. All types of circuits from the basic to the advanced. Also a few tutorials.

  • Electronic Circuit Schematics

    All sorts of schematics. Amplifiers, audio, music, computer interfacing, microcontrollers, radio control accessories, power, oscillators, timers, RF, robotics, security, phone, test and measurement, and more.

  • Electric Hobby Projects

    Resources for beginners circuits and children's experiments, as well as for the more advanced hobbyist.

  • ePanorama's Electronic Circuit Sites

    A huge listing of electronic schemtics and projects, for all types of circuits.

  • FC's Electronic Circuits

    This page has complete schematics for a number of electronic circuits, including solar power, radio, battery chargers, audio, motor control, and more.

  • Open Circuits

    Open Circuits is a wiki for sharing open source electronics knowledge, schematics, board layouts, ports and parts libraries.

  • Schematic Search Engine

    Search through a massive database of electronic circuits, or browse the circuits be category. Categories include audio, auto, computer, digital, laser, meters, music, oscillators, power, radio, RC, security, video, telephone, and more.


    A library for the amateur scientist and technical hobbyist, with audio circuits, communication circuits, oscillators, power control, power supplies, RF circuits, and lots more.

  • Time and Frequency Articles

    A collection of circuit ideas and technical notes that may be hard to find elsewhere, including frequency synthesis, frequency conversion, noise management, oscillator circuits, power supply circuits, and RF circuits. All articles contain schematics and details descriptions. From Wenzel Associates, a leading manufacturer of precision crystal oscillators and related devices.

Electronic Schematic Books

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