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Power Supply Design, Volume 1: Control

Power Supply Design, Volume 1: Control

This is a book about control of PWM converters. It is intended to guide the reader through the confusing array of choices available in designing a modern switching power supply. This book highlights the main control issues encountered in dc-dc converters. Use this book in conjunction with our free Control Analysis Software that can be downloaded from the Ridley Engineering website. The software contains all the equations for the three major families of converters, operating with both CCM and DCM, using either voltage-mode or current-mode control. The harsh reality of power supply development is that they rarely behave in an expected manner, or in the manner that simulators dictate. Therefore, you must build hardware, then test and measure as quickly as possible to uncover problems. This book is intended to help you get there faster by providing key information, and showing where the issues lie. This 170-page hardcover book is in full color for maximum clarity. Nine chapters of design ideas and explanations include the following: • Nine Topologies • Modeling Power Topologies • Voltage-Mode Compensation • Current-Mode Control Modeling • Current-Mode Compensation • Frequency Response Measurements • System Issues • Input Filter Interactions • Noise Issues

By: Dr. Raymond B. Ridley, Published 2012 by Ridley Designs

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