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AADL In Practice: Become an expert of software architecture modeling and analysis

AADL In Practice: Become an expert of software architecture modeling and analysis
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Producing real-time, safety-critical, embedded systems is hard. Traditional methods are not appropriate and no longer scale: We regularly see safety or security issues on critical systems (such as avionics, medical, aerospace, or automotive systems). Over the last years, new technologies and development methods have been proposed. Among them, the Model-Based Engineering approach focuses on the use of models to drive the development process from design to implementation. The Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL) is a standardized modeling language with a clear syntax and semantics that support the design, analysis, and implementation of safety-critical systems. It has been successfully used for more than 10 years worldwide. The book AADL In Practice presents the AADL language and its modeling and analysis capability, and is targeted at software engineers who want to learn the language and apply or extend it to their own projects. The book is decomposed into four parts: 1. Introduction to Model-Based Engineering 2. Introduction of the core AADL concepts: covers language syntax, semantics, model definition, etc. 3. AADL analysis capabilities: covers how to model performance and safety characteristics into a software architecture model and perform latency and safety analysis with OSATE 4. Extending the language and OSATE plug-in development: covers how to extend the language capabilities using properties and annexes and how to create your own OSATE analysis plug-in The book is meant to be easy for engineers of all levels to use. Through the book, we use a case study (involving a self-driving car) to explain each aspect of the language. A real-life example is easy to understand and can be adapted and reused by readers. The case-study source code is also available publicly so that readers can download it and experience it on their own.

By: Julien Delange, Published 2017-06-05 by Reblochon Development Company

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