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Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering

Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering
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Praise for Noise Reduction Techniques IN electronic systems

"Henry Ott has literally 'written the book' on the subject ofEMC. . . . He not only knows the subject, but has the rare abilityto communicate that knowledge to others."
EE Times

Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering is a completelyrevised, expanded, and updated version of Henry Ott's popular bookNoise Reduction Techniques in Electronic Systems. It reflects themost recent developments in the field of electromagneticcompatibility (EMC) and noise reduction¿and their practicalapplications to the design of analog and digital circuits incomputer, home entertainment, medical, telecom, industrial processcontrol, and automotive equipment, as well as military andaerospace systems.

While maintaining and updating the core information—suchas cabling, grounding, filtering, shielding, digital circuitgrounding and layout, and ESD—that made the previous booksuch a wide success, this new book includes additional coverageof:

  • Equipment/systems grounding

  • Switching power supplies and variable-speed motor drives

  • Digital circuit power distribution and decoupling

  • PCB layout and stack-up

  • Mixed-signal PCB layout

  • RF and transient immunity

  • Power line disturbances

  • Precompliance EMC measurements

  • New appendices on dipole antennae, the theory of partialinductance, and the ten most common EMC problems

The concepts presented are applicable to analog and digitalcircuits operating from below audio frequencies to those in the GHzrange. Throughout the book, an emphasis is placed on cost-effectiveEMC designs, with the amount and complexity of mathematics kept tothe strictest minimum.

Complemented with over 250 problems with answers,Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering equips readerswith the knowledge needed to design electronic equipment that iscompatible with the electromagnetic environment and compliant withnational and international EMC regulations. It is an essentialresource for practicing engineers who face EMC and regulatorycompliance issues and an ideal textbook for EE courses at theadvanced undergraduate and graduate levels.

  • Wiley

By: Henry W. Ott, Published 2009-08-24 by Wiley

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