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Inside Spice (Electronic Packaging and Interconnection Series)

Inside Spice (Electronic Packaging and Interconnection Series)

Generate faster, more accurate SPICE simulations! Make your SPICE simulations faster, more accurate - and avoid nonconvergence using the breakthrough methods packed into the Second Edition of Inside SPICE. In this updated and revised bestseller, Ron Kielkowski gives you the hands-on help and guidance you need to create more effective software modles for simulating circuit behavior. This one-of-a-kind modeling toll and troubleshooter brings you up to speed on the latest commercially-SPICE-like simulators, including HSPICe, PSPICE, IS_SPICE and MICROCAP IV...delivers proven solutions to the full range of circuit simulation problems, including convergence and accuracy problems...shows you how to make difficult measurement such as loop gain of an op amp or distortion measurements of clocked ciruits likeconverters and sample-and-hold circuits...measure any class of circuits, such as oscillators, charge-storage circuits, or very large circuits...and more.

By: Ron M. Kielkowski, Published 1998-02-01 by McGraw-Hill

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