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Re-Purposing Old PCs

This is a problem most of us run into eventually: What to do with your old PCs when you upgrade to newer machines?

It's irresponsible (and possibly illegal) to throw them away, and letting them sit in your garage isn't doing anyone any good, A post over at offers some ideas:

  1. Give it to someone who doesn't have a computer
  2. Fix a laptop and give it as a gift
  3. Part it out on eBay
  4. Use the old PC as a dedicated bit torrent machine
  5. Use the old PC as a sandbox to run questionable downloads
  6. Use an old PC as a CNC control computer
  7. Build a media center PC
  8. Build a dedicated development computer
  9. Turn it onto an oscilloscope
  10. Make art out of the old parts
  11. Salvage the PC hardware for discrete components and precious metals

Read the full article: Old PCs laying around? Use them again. A list of uses

Another option (related to #1): Donate the old PC to a non-profit organization -- they'll likely either be able to use it, or know someone who can. Plus you may get a tax deduction for your charitable donation (be sure to get a receipt).

And finally, if not else, consider eCycling

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