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How Engineers Earn Cash by Sharing Their Knowledge and Experiences

By Lukman Nulhakiem

How Engineers Earn Cash by Sharing Their Knowledge and Experiences
Every engineer has a specific engineering knowledge as he graduated from university or college. When engineers work, their working experiences develop. Each of them has unique experiences, since they work in different organizations, different companies, and various industries.

Unfortunately, most of engineers do not realize the advantages they already have. Most of them do not like to compile their unique knowledge and experiences in form of writing. They just save their knowledge and experiences in their heads. If engineers want to write what they know and their experiences, they could share with other people, such like student, fresh engineers, or anyone else, who search everyday for such kind of information. Even many people would like to exchange their cash to get the information.

By using the internet, engineers could compile their knowledge and experience with easy, free of charge and effective. No programming skills required. You only need to be familiar with using the internet. The easiest and fastest way is through blogging or blog. All you need to start compiling your knowledge and experience are already provided and these are free of charge. Moreover, you could earn cash while you compile the information you have, i.e. through targeted affiliate program. The most common such affiliate program is Google Adsense. Adsense is free to join and could give nice income for you. is an example of engineer's blog that built using the same principles. The author posts about everything inside a chemical plant, his daily engineering jobs and his own thought about an engineering issue.

To build your own blog, you only need to follow five easy steps as described below. Please finish each step completely. Do not jump to the third step before completing the second step.

  1. Do keywords research. Find out what keywords match with your blog's topic. Do not use keywords for your blog that currently have 10,000,000 websites or blogs competitors. Use search engine and directory for keywords research. To get good keywords you can visit or At you will have chance to search best keywords based on KEI or Keywords Effective Index at a low price.

  2. Create an account at Use the keywords you have chosen in your blog title and blog address. Having created your account, pick up a blog template that you think is suitable with your topic. Start your first post for your new blog. It may contain a welcome letter or anything else. Do not forget to publish your blog.

  3. Sign up as Google Adsense Publisher. It may take about 48 hrs to get approval. After getting approval, you can start immediately insert Adsense Code into your blog. Read Adsense Terms and Conditions, to make sure you do not ignore Adsense rules. To insert Adsense code into your blog, simply click Template Adsense. You can choose text ads, link ads, Adsense referral or Google search. You may also customize the ads appearance that matches with your blog to get a high Click Through Rate (CTR).

  4. Post regularly to your blog. Remember to use keywords in your post. Readers will love updated and original contents, as well as the search engines. Vary your posts, between short and long posts. It is good to insert picture to your post sometimes to make it interesting.

  5. Promote you blog to major search engines and directories such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. Moreover, do not forget to add your blog to blog directories because these will generate traffic to your blog. You can find list of search engines and directories at . Other sources of traffic to your blog are link exchange with other blogs on your niche, actively involve in forums and placing good comments to other blogs. Also submit your own articles, which contain a back link to your blog, to article directories and ezines. To make people find that you have updated your blog without visiting your blog, you should prepare RSS for your blog. Do not worry has provide it for you.

Actually, if people find your blog is valuable to them, naturally they will come back to your blog and invite their friends. Your blog will grow naturally. So, always bear in mind to make your posts original and valuable.

Building a blog is not a quick-rich scheme business, but a long-term business that potentially will give you a good source of income as it grows.

About The Author
Lukman Nulhakiem is a production engineer at a chemical plant in Indonesia. He helps people finding free ebooks from various categories with his website To communicate with him, you can visit his blog If you wish to share free ebooks information to others, you can post it at his blog

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