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"Reasons To Go Into Engineering

  • It's ten times more fun than being a doctor, a lawyer, a dentist, or an accountant.
  • Annoying co-workers can be put in their place with a little computer sabotage.
  • Computers don't save work; they just make more work.
  • If times are tough, you can always give up purity and make money programming in Visual Basic.
  • If you throw in enough technical jargon and acronyms, people will believe anything you say.
  • Engineering can serve as both a career and a hobby.
  • T-shirt and jeans are formal dress.
  • Social skills are optional.

Reasons Not To Go Into Engineering

  • No TV shows about gorgeous computer programmers in bed together, unlike legal and lifeguarding professions
  • At least one user in 20 believe computers are alive and malicious
  • Presenting evidence to the contrary is sometimes made difficult by apparently intelligent and malicious behavior from the computer
  • Personal hygiene problems / social disorders considered a sign of someone whose mind is highly specialized and valuable
  • Heavy use of computers causes eye/hand/wrist/back injuries
  • Relatives, friends, neighbors and others expect you to have a guru-level understanding of their home computer or gizmo
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Things you learn in medical school do not become obsolete as the human body evolves into a new life form
  • Management-imposed deadlines on computer-related tasks are driven by management's understanding of how computers work
  • Male/female ratio worse than any other career except "monk"
  • Plumbers make more money per hour, and have to put up with a lot less shit on the job.

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