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USB BitScope 10 - Fully Featured USB Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, Waveform, Clock Generator, and Logic Analyzer

USB BitScope 10 - Fully Featured USB Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, Waveform, Clock Generator, and Logic Analyzer

Don't let the tiny size fool you because this is a fully featured mixed signal test & measurement system. BitScope BS10 It's a complete USB oscilloscope, logic analyzer, arbitrary waveform generator and spectrum analyzer all rolled into one ! BS10 is far more than just a logic protocol analyzer; it's a fully featured portable oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, waveform generator, power supply and logic analyzer in a compact USB powered unit. It has multi-range analog channels with adjustable input offsets, level adjustable logic comparators for two of its eight logic channels and it's compatible with the dual channel active differential probe making possible differential measurements not otherwise possible, especially in such a compact instrument. At its heart is the BitScope DSP Capture Engine. This is responsible for the primary waveform and protocol capture functions and synchronizes with the mixed signal trigger and waveform and clock generators. It also manages the logic and analog buffers, input channel ranges and offsets. Working in concert with the BitScope software applications on the host computer, BS10's signal acquisition, processing and sythesis components operate together to implement a wide range of test and measurement instruments many of which can operate at the same time.

  • Everything you need packed into a small platform: 100 MHz Analog Bandwidth, 40 MSps Logic Capture (25 ns), 2 Analog Oscilloscope Channels, 8 high speed Logic Analyzer channels, Serial Protocol and Logic decoders, Waveform, logic and clock generators, RF & Baseband Spectrum Analyzers
  • BS10 provides both 5V & 3.3V, I/O & clock signals so it can power, control and even clock logic or microcontroller circuits! Works with Windows, Linux, Mac & Raspberry Pi
  • It has 100 MHz bandwidth, up to 40 MSps logic, simultaneous waveform and clock generation and offers serial control of connected devices.
  • It's the ideal tool for prototyping analog electronics projects, digital and logic circuits or Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other microcontroller based systems with busses, sensors, servos and I/O. What you won't need are oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, waveform generators, power supplies or spectrum analyzers because that's what BitScope provides via it's Smart Port Interface.
  • Real-time, no waiting! BS10 is very fast with a frame rate up to 100 Hz driving a digital phosphor display. It works like a quality stand-alone mixed signal scope. View waveforms, plots, spectra and more on its smooth flowing real-time display. Even live captured logic data can be viewed this way.

From: BitScope

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