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SolidWorks 2014: A Tutorial Approach

SolidWorks 2014: A Tutorial Approach
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SolidWorks, developed by SolidWorks Corporation, is one of the world’s fastest growing solid modeling software. It is a parametric feature-based solid modeling tool that not only unites the three-dimensional (3D) parametric features with two-dimensional (2D) tools, but also addresses every design-through-manufacturing process. The latest in the family of SolidWorks, SolidWorks 2014, includes a number of customer suggested enhancements, substantiating that it is completely tailored to the customer’s needs. Based mainly on the user feedback, this solid modeling tool is remarkably user-friendly and it allows you to be productive from day one. In SolidWorks, the 2D drawing views of the components are easily generated in the Drawing mode. The drawing views that can be generated include detailed, orthographic, isometric, auxiliary, section, and so on. You can use any predefined standard drawing document to generate the drawing views. Besides displaying the model dimensions in the drawing views or adding reference dimensions and other annotations, you can also add the parametric Bill of Materials (BOM) and balloons in the drawing view. If a component in the assembly is replaced, removed, or a new component is assembled, the modification will be automatically reflected in the BOM placed in the drawing document. The bidirectional associative nature of this software ensures that any modification made in the model is automatically reflected in the drawing views and any modification made in the dimensions in the drawing views automatically updates the model.

By: Prof. Sham Tickoo, Published 2014-02-21 by CADCIM Technologies

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