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Practical Home Theater: A Guide to Video and Audio Systems (2018 Edition)

Practical Home Theater: A Guide to Video and Audio Systems (2018 Edition)

How can an average person navigate the maze of audio/video technologies in a home theater system? Turn to Mark Fleischmann's Practical Home Theater: A Guide to Video and Audio Systems. The 17th edition has been thoroughly revised and updated for 2018. The ultimate answer book for beginners and intermediate-level readers, it tells you everything you need to know when shopping for video and surround sound gear including how to read a spec sheet, how to separate fact from hype, and how to get good value for your money. This year's edition goes into detail on new developments such as Ultra HDTV (4K), HDR picture-quality improvements, the HDR format war, the new HDMI 2.1 interface, and both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround technologies. The book weighs the pros and cons of video display technologies such as LED-backlit LCD and projection systems, plus next-generation quantum-dot and OLED displays. It dispels the confusion surrounding such topics as HDTV, 3DTV, smart TV, refresh rates, and exotic screen shapes. It explains the differences between Dolby, DTS, THX, and Audyssey surround technologies and high-resolution audio formats. It covers all formats under the sun including Blu-ray and DVD, DVRs, streaming from a multitude of devices, and wireless connectivity. And it explores often ignored topics such as buying a DTV antenna, power-line accessories, and cables. A richly detailed connections chapter tells how to hook up every component. By knowledgably guiding readers through the briar patch of video and audio, Practical Home Theater has become the standard reference work for home theater buffs. This edition is dated 2018 and will be sold between October 2017 and October 2018. Readers are warned to buy only the latest edition. Future annual editions will continue to track changes in home theater technology.

By: Mark Fleischmann, Published 2017-10-01 by Quiet River Press LLC

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