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Introduction to AutoCAD 2017 for Civil Engineering Applications

Introduction to AutoCAD 2017 for Civil Engineering Applications
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The main purpose of this book is to provide civil engineering students with a clear presentation of the theory of engineering graphics and the use of AutoCAD 2017. Each chapter starts with the chapter objectives followed by the introduction. The contents of each chapter are organized into well-defined sections that contain step-by-step instructions to carry out the AutoCAD commands. The drawings shown in this book are created using AutoCAD 2017 and Paint software.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Engineering Graphics
2. Getting Started with AutoCAD 2017
3. Basics of 2-Dimensional Drawings
4. Basics of 2-Dimensional Editing
5. Layers
6. Blocks
7. Layout and Template Files
8. Dimensioning Techniques
9. Tolerance
10. Land Survey
11. Contours
12. Drainage Basin
13. Floodplains
14. Road Design
15. Earthwork
16. Floor Plan
17. Elevation
18. Site Plan
19. Construction Drawings
20. Plotting from AutoCAD 2017
21. The Basics of Freehand Drawing
22. Suggested In-Class Activities
23. Homework Drawings

By: Nighat Yasmin, Published 2016-09-14 by SDC Publications

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