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The One Thing: 66 Day Workbook (Entrepreneur Workshop) (Volume 1)

The One Thing: 66 Day Workbook (Entrepreneur Workshop) (Volume 1)
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One Thing Workbook - Study Guide - for finding and implementing your ONE THING in 66 Days. IT IS RECOMMENDED TO PURCHASE THE ONE THING BOOK BEFORE USING THIS WORKBOOK - STUDY GUIDE. IN THIS WORKBOOK - STUDY GUIDE YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO DETERMINE AND IMPLEMENT: • What should my One Thing be? • Why do I want my One Thing? • How will I achieve it? • Do I possess the Will to Win? • Do I give up too soon? • Can I adapt and shift in today’s times? • Do I have self-defeating habits? • Can I change bad habits? • How do you want to spend your days? Above all else, what is the most important one thing for you to spend your days doing? One day when you look back on your life here will you say you lived the life you wanted? Did you create the highest and best version of you? Of the many things you did, what will be the One Thing that really defined you? What was the one thing that made it wonderful for you, and for those you loved that you walked your chosen path in this amazing place we call life? No matter your age, no matter your circumstances, you can still create and live that kind of life now. You are never too young, or too old to change. Each day is a new start. No matter what setbacks may have occurred you can overcome them if you do not stop. Do not stop three feet from gold.

By: Steven Monahan, Published 2017-01-19 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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