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Structured Wiring Design Manual

Structured Wiring Design Manual
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Learn how to design and install a Structured Wiring System using the latest in product technology.

This Manual is written in an ‘Example Home’ format that will help you to understand how a system is designed and installed. As you read through this publication, you will find a wide range of pictures that contain highly detailed diagrams illustrating wiring and termination information that the text can not furnish. This provides the reader with a more effective and enjoyable means of learning this technology.

Most chapters include floor plans that illustrate how cables are configured for each subsystem and the locations of the interactive receptacles where the cables are terminated. There are also diagrams that illustrate subsystems in greater detail as a whole or in part. This book also teaches you two different design methods that covers both moderate and advanced systems.

This book goes well beyond a tutorial of a typical Structured Wiring System by featuring PBX Digital Telephone Systems, Broadband Internet and Ethernet Systems, Whole House Audio/Video Systems, Lighting Control Systems, Integrated Security Systems, CCTV camera surveillance, Heating & Cooling systems, Motorized Systems, Water Systems, as well as many others that are controlled by the Stargate Interactive Home Controller.

This book Provides a ‘Step-By-Step’ approach to teaching the following:

How to layout the system based on the customer’s requirements
How to design, layout and position the Equipment Room in the home
How to design a wiring infrastructure
How to wire the distribution panel and interactive receptacles
How to select a service input hub and numerous types of distribution hubs
What type of cables and other components to use for each subsystem
How to perform the rough-in process
How to pull Service Input Cables and Drop Cables through all portions of the home
How to perform the trim-out process
How to perform cable terminations
How to test cables after the cables are pulled - and much more

This book does not stop there. It also includes a multitude of different types of control wiring for automated systems.

Chapter One concentrates on the overall wiring infrastructure of the home. It uses ‘step-by-step’ system design procedures, describes the cable pulling process and the wire termination procedures along with how the structured wiring distribution panel and hubs are configured. The structured wiring distribution panel is the central point of any structured wiring system. This panel is where the majority of cables are terminated to distribute data and control signals to subsystem components throughout the home. The remaining chapters provide information on each subsystem and their specific wiring requirements. They also describe what system components are used and how the cables are terminated to each component.

Also included in this manual is information on how to automate these subsystems to provide the user with an added level of convenience, comfort, entertainment, safety, security and energy management features. Most structured wiring system publications provide information about wiring infrastructures but do not offer much in the way of automated system capabilities at least not to the level that this manual provides. In other words, we take a step well beyond the conventional structured wiring system and introduce a multitude of automated control features. This will greatly increase the usefulness of the system while maximizing system benefits to make the most out of your structured wiring system.

A must-have manual for the do-it-yourselfer and the installing dealer alike!

By: Robert N. Bucceri, Published 2003-08 by Silent Servant, Inc.

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