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PSpice Power Electronic and Power Circuit Simulation

PSpice Power Electronic and Power Circuit Simulation
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This book shows how to use PSpice to quickly analyze common industrial power electronic and power circuits. It would be most useful to an electrical engineer. The book begins with a brief review of PSpice with DC, AC, and transient analyses of simple circuits. It follows with examples that solve typical industrial circuit problems. One of the examples predicts the waveform of the electrical noise that would be transmitted through an inductor. In that example, PSpice would help the engineer properly size a filtering inductor. This can be important if the inductor is large or a custom item. Other examples find steady state and transient solutions for unbalanced three phase faults. PSpice's Probe program is used to make realistic output traces of transient analysis voltages, currents, and powers. All of the books examples are done with the free (Demo) Release 16.0 version of PSpice. Sources for obtaining free (Demo) copies of PSpice and other Spice programs are provided.

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By: Stephen Philip Tubbs, Published 2008-09-09 by Stephen Philip Tubbs

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