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PSPICE and MATLAB for Electronics: An Integrated Approach (VLSI Circuits)

PSPICE and MATLAB for Electronics: An Integrated Approach (VLSI Circuits)
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PSPICE has circuit simulation features unmatched by any other scientific software. MATLAB's capabilities for matrix computations, plotting, data processing, and analysis are well established throughout the world. Together, these two software packages form a powerful, full-function toolbox for electronic circuit analysis.

PSPICE and MATLAB for Electronics offers the first integrated presentation of both of these software packages. It provides a PSPICE primer, a MATLAB primer, and an in-depth treatment of their combined power for solving electronics problems, particularly those associated with diodes, op-amps, and transistor circuits. The author takes a practical approach, provides a multitude of examples, and encourages readers to put what they've learned into practice through the many exercises provided in each chapter. All of the PSPICE netlists and MATLAB m-files used in the examples are available on the Internet at

Anyone working or aspiring to work in electronics needs a familiarity with these products, and learning to use them together offers more than the sum of their advantages. Use PSPICE for circuit analysis, use MATLAB for calculating device parameters, curve fitting, numerical functions, and plots, and use PSPICE and MATLAB for Electronics to learn how they can work in tandem to effectively and efficiently explore device characteristics and analyze circuits and systems.

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By: John Okyere Attia, Published 2002-05-15 by CRC Press

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