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Infinitesimal Calculus (Dover Books on Mathematics)

Infinitesimal Calculus (Dover Books on Mathematics)
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Rigorous undergraduate treatment introduces calculus at the basic level, using infinitesimals and concentrating on theory rather than applications. Requires only a solid foundation in high school mathematics. Contents: 1. Introduction. 2. Language and Structure. 3. The Hyperreal Numbers. 4. The Hyperreal Line. 5. Continuous Functions. 6. Integral Calculus. 7. Differential Calculus. 8. The Fundamental Theorem. 9. Infinite Sequences and Series. 10. Infinite Polynomials. 11. The Topology of the Real Line. 12. Standard Calculus and Sequences of Functions. Appendixes. Subject Index. Name Index. Numerous figures. 1979 edition.

By: James M. Henle, Published 2003-07-22 by Dover Publications

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