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High-Speed Digital System Design: A Handbook of Interconnect Theory and Design Practices

High-Speed Digital System Design: A Handbook of Interconnect Theory and Design Practices
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A cutting-edge guide to the theory and practice of high-speeddigital system design

An understanding of high-speed interconnect phenomena is essentialfor digital designers who must deal with the challenges posed bythe ever-increasing operating speeds of today's microprocessors.This book provides a much-needed, practical guide to the state ofthe art of modern digital system design, combining easilyaccessible explanations with immensely useful problem-solvingstrategies. Written by three leading Intel engineers, High-SpeedDigital System Design clarifies difficult and often neglectedtopics involving the effects of high frequencies on digital busesand presents a variety of proven techniques and applicationexamples. Extensive appendices, formulas, modeling techniques aswell as hundreds of figures are also provided.
Coverage includes:
* A thorough introduction to the digital aspects of basictransmission line theory
* Crosstalk and nonideal transmission line effects on signalquality and timings
* The impact of packages, vias, and connectors on signalintegrity
* The effects of nonideal return current paths, high frequencypower delivery, and simultaneous switching noise
* Explanations of how driving circuit characteristics affect thequality of the digital signal
* Digital timing analysis at the system level that incorporateshigh-speed signaling effects into timing budgets
* Methodologies for designing high-speed buses and handling thevery large number of variables that affect interconnectperformance
* Radiated emission problems and how to minimize system noise
* The practical aspects of making measurements in high-speeddigital systems

By: Stephen H. Hall, Published 2000-08-25 by Wiley-IEEE Press

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