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Silicon Photonics: The State of the Art

Silicon Photonics: The State of the Art
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Silicon photonics is currently a very active and progressive areaof research, as silicon optical circuits have emerged as thereplacement technology for copper-based circuits in communicationand broadband networks. The demand for ever improvingcommunications and computing performance continues, and this inturn means that photonic circuits are finding ever increasingapplication areas.  This text provides an important and timelyoverview of the ‘hot topics’ in the field, covering thevarious aspects of the technology that form the research area ofsilicon photonics.

With contributions from some of the world’s leadingresearchers in silicon photonics, this book collates the latestadvances in the technology.  Silicon Photonics: the Stateof the Art opens with a highly informative foreword, andcontinues to feature: 

  • the integrated photonic circuit;
  • silicon photonicwaveguides;                         
  • photonic bandgap waveguides;
  • mechanisms for optical modulation in silicon;
  • silicon based light sources;
  • optical detection technologies for silicon photonics;
  • passive silicon photonic devices;
  • photonic and electronic integration approaches;
  • applications in communications and sensors.

Silicon Photonics: the State of the Art covers theessential elements of the entire field that is silicon photonicsand is therefore an invaluable text for photonics engineers andprofessionals working in the fields of optical networks, opticalcommunications, and semiconductor electronics.  It is also aninformative reference for graduate students studying for PhD infibre optics, integrated optics, optical networking,microelectronics, or telecommunications.

By: Graham T. Reed, Published 2008-05-27 by Wiley-Interscience

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