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Control Systems Technology

Control Systems Technology
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This book presents All of the major topics in modern analog and digital control systems, along with the practical, applications oriented knowledge and skills needed by technicians. It contains user-friendly conceptual explanations and clearly written mathematical developments. Examples of both Mathcad and MATLAB illustrate computer problem solving—but this book emphasizes the ability to use any suitable software to achieve successful results in solving problems and performing design. Chapter topics include Measurement; Laplace Transforms; Control System Models; Static and Dynamic Response; Stability; Frequency Response Analysis; Root Locus; State Variable Analysis; Introduction to Discrete Control Systems; Z-Transforms and Discrete State-Space Analysis; Digital Signal Representations; Discrete Time Control Systems; Stability of Discrete Control Systems; and Advanced Topics in Control Systems. For engineers and technicians working for companies that integrate control systems with the use of programmable logic controllers.

By: Curtis D. Johnson, Published 2001-08-11 by Pearson

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