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Inside Spice: Overcoming the Obstacles of Circuit Simulation

Inside Spice: Overcoming the Obstacles of Circuit Simulation

SPICE is the international standard in circuit simulation software: mastering SPICE is now a prerequisite for electrical engineering students. Providing details on how to produce fast, accurate circuit simulations with SPICE or any SPICE-like simulator program, this reference goes beyond the basics and tackles the actual problems practicing engineers most commonly encounter while using SPICE or any of the other SPICE-like simulator programs, such as HSPICE, PSPICE, IS_SPICE and MICROCAP IV. Packed with sample circuit simulations that clearly illustrate a variety of common problems and their solutions, this in-depth guide provides step-by-step coverage on how to overcome such stumbling blocks as nonconvergence, numeric integration instabilities and timestep control errors. The accompanying disk contains copies of RSPICE, the author's own PC-based version of SPICE, and RGRAPH, a graphical post-processor designed to work with RSPICE. The disk also contains all of the simulation examples used in the text so that readers can reproduce the simulations with RSPICE.

By: Ron M. Kielkowski, Published 1994-01-01 by McGraw-Hill

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