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Lasers, Ray Guns and Light Cannons

Lasers, Ray Guns and Light Cannons
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100+ hands-on laser projects. If you're fascinated by the boundless potential of laser beams, grab a copy of Gordon McComb's Lasers, Ray Guns, and Light Cannons. He takes you step-by-step through 100 build-your-own laser projects--from ray guns and laser light shows to night scopes and laser pointers. You get hands-on help with projects for laser lasers...laser power supplies...fiberoptics...and more. Armed with plain-language instructions and a complete, up-to-date list of discount laser-parts suppliers, you'll find it easier than you ever imagined to build your own: Laser pistols; Laser cannon and gatling gun; Ultra-private communicator; Laser-based eavesdropping device; Laser tachometer; Perimeter burglar alarm; Hologram generator; Low-noise amplifier; Laser-illuminated night scope; Much, much more.

By: Gordon McComb, Published 1997-03-01 by McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics

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